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Performing Members

Carter Johns

Carter is a third-year student at Georgia Tech majoring in Applied Mathematics and minoring in Computer Science and Super Smash Brothers. Carter likes tilapia, Patrick Rothfuss, and board game design. Carter stumbled into DramaTech Theatre in the Fall of 2014, and since then he has performed in Evolve! and Cartoon (in which he played the coveted Audience Volunteer character), set designed Parallel Lives and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, was Assistant Master Carpenter on Sweeney Todd, Assistant Set Designer for Five Faces for Evelyn Frost, and Master Carpenter for Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. Carter likes improv a lot!

Gisela Griesheimer

Gisela Griesheimer is a third year at Georgia Tech majoring in Electrical Engineering. She is new to theater but fell in love with improv since becoming a member of LTT! Her hobbies include talking about sloths, playing indie video games, and hosting screenings of movies and shows in her room. She also loves improv and zMiranda!, but that should be obvious.

Miranda Fyfe!

Miranda joined LTT! in the fall of 2014, and since then has become totally entangled in the humor and fascination that is comedy improv. She is constantly thrilled to be a part of such a super-mega-foxy-awesome-hot troupe. Her favorite color is red and her hobbies (besides improv) include origami and evaporating into puffs of purplish smoke. Her spirit animal is a polar bear. Miranda is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech, but her secret dream is to work as a magician in a traveling circus.

Paul Edward Jackson III
I am Paul Jackson. I likcdy.

Delaney Strunk

Delaney has been performing improv around Atlanta for three years. She can eat her body weight in queso and believes in the power of red lipstick

Caleigh is a sheep.

Thompson's tall.

Harrison is too good for this world.

Lucas is an incredibly straightforward person, so straightforward that he can be described in one word: enigmatic.

Green Will is not in fact, green, although he may argue otherwise.

Tyndal is a second-year Psychology major and LTT!'s Outreachosaurus. She's also started the chapter of Spoon University at Georgia Tech this year.

Connor devoured the soul of Connor Kisling and took up his ranks as DramaTech's improv Connor.

Camille kept showing up to workshops until graduating in a parking lot along the way to Tech Taco.

Alice is a cat. Meow.

Kevin Lai is a Computer Science PhD student here at Tech, having previously studied at Princeton. He had never been to a Waffle House until this past year.

Ben still does improv here. He was leader last year, did you know that?

Neeta's not graduating.

James Nugent is better at everything than you, so you might as well come to terms with that.
Non-Performing Members

                      Aditya Anne

Aditya started improvising with LTT! in Spring 2016. Nobody really knows for sure who Aditya is.

Adam Thomas is a sound designer and performer of other sorts; check out his mixtape.

Bruno Santos is a fourth-year Aerospace Engineering major at Tech. He has not slept for more than 5 hours at a time in months.  

Bryce Watson is a third-year Computer Science major here at Tech who prides himself on a dry, sarcastic sense of humor and the ability to live off of an RA's meal plan given a gallon-sized Tupperware container. He is DramaTech's third Bryce, but LTT's first. 

Princeton is Mechatronics major at what used to be Southern Polytechnic. He found out about improv and LTT! through A-Town Throwdown, a multi-day stage combat class held at DramaTech, and is happy to learn with us. Way to go, Princeton!